Axess Auto Toner Fulfillment (ATF) is the complete and simple answer to complicated and costly supplies replenishment for your customers’ print devices.
The Axess ATF system automates toner fulfillment, eliminating manual ordering and tracking for MPS. Additionally, ATF provides proactive communications to ensure users receive notifications of low levels and when supplies are shipped. Seamlessly integrated into the comprehensive Axess MPS program, ATF helps dealers deliver more profitable and easier to manage MPS solutions.

Benefits of Auto Toner Fulfillment:

  • Automatic ordering, shipping, and delivery of toner saves customers money by eliminating “rush” or overnight orders
  • No ordering errors; customers receive the right consumables every time
  • ATF software is fully integrated with our hosting Axess MPS remote monitoring platforms, PrintFleet® and FMAudit®, or we can pair ATF with your own RMS server
  • Simplifies and streamlines the supplies ordering process
  • Just-in-time ordering enables better use of working capital and enables customers to reduce their supply inventory
  • Eliminates the complexity of MPS device location movement
  • Increases profitability by reducing administrative expenses and reducing errors related to supplies fulfillment

How Axess ATF Works

For more information on our Axess Auto Toner Fulfillment service, please contact your Latin Parts account manager.