The MPS Program Designed for Your Success

Are your clients in printing pain?

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Your Clients’ Challenges:

  • They have no clear strategy to help control printing costs or manage their fleet Their fleet size continues to grow uncontrollably
  • It is difficult for them to accurately calculate what they spend on printing They have no strategy for purchasing hardware or supplies
  • IT personnel doesn’t want to deal with printers
  • There is no way to predict supplies and maintenance requirements Printers break down due to supplies and service issues
  • They experience print quality issues

Your clients are looking for a vendor who can help them get their printing environment and costs under control.

Axess Managed Print Services (MPS) Can Help

Axess MPS offers dealers a comprehensive solution for the proactive management, maintenance and supply of your clients’ printing environments. Axess provides you with a fully integrated suite of software, services and support to help you lock out the competition and implement a successful MPS program.

Axess MPS includes the following key infrastructure tools supported by a dedicated team of MPS experts:

In order to offer our clients the most robust MPS program in the industry, Axess MPS has established partnerships, attained memberships and achieved authorizations that demonstrate that commitment.

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