MPS providers can have complete confidence in MPS contract profitability when they utilize Axess TCO software. This simple and accurate Total Cost of Ownership pricing tool is powered with BEI Services Worldstats™ data that is applied to automatically calculate accurate and model specific services pricing per page.

Eliminate Pricing Headaches

This intuitive, web-based TCO tool enables dealers to accurately price contracts by linking it to individual account information. Eliminate pricing headaches and time wasted maintaining pricing spreadsheets or through manual processes. Axess TCO software automatically populates each end-user’s equipment fleet while offering flexibility for supplies, equipment, coverage, and profit margins. Transparent processes and pricing gives dealers complete control of their MPS contracts.

Generate Sales Proposals with One Click

User-friendly Axess TCO software will generate documents with one click. This allows dealers to easily populate customers’ existing and proposed pricing into one branded proposal and other sales support documents. Axess TCO software also creates multiple proposals per account with ease to support your sales process and ongoing account reviews

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To collaborate on a print management plan of action, please contact your Latin Parts account manager.