For busy  IT Customers, keeping the printer, computer and storage parts supply chain moving is a constant challenge.

You have IT Customers that depend on you to repair and replace equipment, at their convenience. You have competitors all-too-willing to make far-fetched promises in order to generate new orders.

At the same time, you have to organize your core business processes to deliver value.

Fortunately, there is a supply chain solution that can deliver results under these circumstances.

Just-in-time distribution (JIT) provides IT Customers with almost unlimited access to printer, computer and server parts on-demand, and precludes you from keeping large inventories of parts in stock. This saves time and money while eliminating risks.

But this distribution strategy is not always easy to implement.

Sometimes, companies attempting JIT distribution spend more on logistics than they earn from IT Customers. Without the correct distribution network in place, inconsistent shipping services can make JIT attempts fall apart.

A Guide to Implementing JIT Distribution Effectively

One of the primary challenges to effectively distributing It parts so that they appear at IT Customers’ facilities as soon as they’re needed is managing a decentralized logistics system.

The reason why JIT strategies are relatively new to the world of business and industry is because the communication technology needed to ensure consistency never existed before the Internet.

Distributors that use JIT methodologies can send out parts quickly, ensuring that IT Customers get the parts they need without having to wait for parts to arrive from far-off locations. In turn, their IT Customers wait less, and productivity improves across the board.

For many distributors, the cost of setting up multiple distribution centers is too great to merit the attempt at implementing a JIT supply strategy. But IT Customers that partner with an established JIT technology distributor can enjoy the unique advantage of having that infrastructure already set up for them.

How On-Demand Infrastructure Helps Encourage Growth

Utilizing infrastructure through partnership with an established fulfillment operator lets print IT Customers fulfill promises to serve their IT Customers’ needs quickly and effectively.

The existing infrastructure operators are already well aware of average shipping times, costs, and other factors that affect service quality. This reduces risk for IT Customers and IT Customers alike – you already know what to expect because you are not building new fulfillment centers.

From the perspective of your JIT distribution partner, it makes little difference whether you have 10 clients that regularly need parts delivered or 100. The infrastructure is already there and the automated processes involved make accommodating new orders a simple task.

This frees up your workforce to focus on profit-generating core business efficiencies for your IT Customers.

The only limit to your business’ growth is its ability to generate solutions and cater to customer needs – parts fulfillment is essentially taken care of.

Optimizing Stock Using the JIT Supply Chain

As an IT Channel, we know that one of the most important issues you have to address is your ability to procure and manage stock.

The main benefit that partnering with a JIT distributor offers is reduced overhead costs – you no longer need to purchase supplies you don’t need because you know that they are available at a moment’s notice.

Latin Parts has a distribution network in Latin America that offers one-day or two days shipping to the largest cities in the countries we serve.  If you are ready to take advantage of our world-class JIT distribution capabilities contact us today!